Roadmap to a

Roadmap to a FULL Ride is a structured educational curriculum designed to help families prepare for college. It provides the tools and resources necessary to increase your chances of getting into your top college choices while fully funding your educational endeavors. Roadmap to a FULL Ride helps families maneuver the ENTIRE college process.

Core Curriculum and Services

Roadmap to a FULL Ride has a curriculum that is customized for each phase of your journey:

  • 6th through 8th grade
  • 9th and 10th grade
  • 11th grade
  • 12th grade

Families learn what is required to properly prepare for their child’s success regardless of where they are on their journey. Roadmap to a FULL Ride does not guarantee college admission or scholarships; however, it does provide a customized roadmap for your child’s college success.

The Roadmap to a FULL Ride covers the following and is based upon which phase of the journey a family is currently in when their consultation is scheduled:

  • Getting into the School of Your Choice
  • Types of Colleges
  • College Application Process
  • Types of Scholarships
  • How to Find Scholarships
  • What is Required to Apply for Scholarships
  • How to Increase Your Chances of Being Selected for Scholarships
  • Legitimate Scholarship Websites
  • Access to Specific Scholarships based Upon Each Families’ Personal Situation
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Types of Grants
  • College and Scholarship Milestone Deadlines

Chesapeake Teen Receives 15 College Acceptance Letters and Over $1.2 Million in Scholarships

Startling Statistics Regarding
Student Loan Debt


Student borrowers are in debt by an average of $39,351 each.


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Americans with Federal Student Loan Debt

With the cost to attend college constantly rising and student loan debt totaling trillions of dollars, it’s more important than ever that parents gain the knowledge and resources to ensure their children’s future is free of student loan debt.

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Additional College and Scholarship Application Services

We offer a wide range of services (essay writing assistance, customized scholarship databases, interview coaching, workshops, and speaking engagements) to help prepare students and parents throughout the college preparation and planning process.

Assistance with Essay Writing

Customized Scholarship Database

Interview Coaching

*** These services are offered in addition to Roadmap to a FULL Ride’s core curriculum.


Last month my daughter and I had a session with Mrs. Hawkins. God puts people in your path to help you with your needs. After the first-time meeting Mrs. Hawkins, all I can say is wow and thank you. She is amazing! We are already putting the information we learned into action and getting a head start. We are securing full ride scholarships and saying no to student loan debt. If you have a child in high school, now is the time to book your appointment with her so you can be ahead of the game. Don’t be that parent who waits until your child’s senior year and reach out looking for a miracle to happen. Book her now! I promise you that you will be glad you did.

Nata S.

My son and I would have never been able to navigate the whole college application process without help from Keisha. She is extremely knowledgeable about the entire process and gave us so much information we would have missed without her assistance. We are confident now after meeting with her that he will get into the college of his choice!

Lisa A.
Start Planning Now

We all know college is very expensive; therefore, planning for college is extremely important and should start as early as possible. Not to mention, the process of preparing for college can be an extremely daunting task. Roadmap to a FULL ride is structured to start families on their journey in middle school. However, no matter where you are in the process (middle school, 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, or a graduating senior), Roadmap to a FULL Ride can help your family prepare for your child’s success.

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